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Best Implant Course (21st Implant Live Surgery)

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작성자 Harry Comment 1 hits 1,009hits 작성일 23-08-12 02:35


This course is one of the best classes to take if you want to get into Implant Dentistry. I have taken other implant courses but I would still have a lot of uncertainties whether or not if the placement is correct, if the size is correct, and if I would have predictable results. After this course, I'm confident that I'm giving my patients most up to date techniques and predictable results.


Many dentists look for courses that makes you place numerous implants because many of us think that translates to more confidence and better bargain for the course fee. Some courses promise you that you'll place 30, but I think that's not wise. I placed about 18 during this course but we placed them correctly. The faculty will tell you to take it out if it's not perfect and make sure you understand why it's not well placed.  You can't get this kind of guidance and care from any other internationally recognized clinician.


Overall, this course was the best investment I have ever made. In fact, I plan to go again next year as many past attendants do.



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Thank you, Dr. Harry, for selecting GIA E&E to enhance your expertise in dentistry. Your candid feedback is highly valued, and we are thrilled to learn that you were satisfied with our course. We look forward to the possibility of welcoming you again in the near future!