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The 21th Implant Live Surgery Course Review

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작성자 Abdul Samadi Comment 2 hits 2,001hits 작성일 23-04-15 23:18


I was one of the few non-Koreans in that group. Despite that, they ensured I was not left out and I was well taken cared off. Really appreciate all the instructors and Dr. Kim for all their help. They make sure you’re confident with the basics and all the steps of implant placement. The course was very well structured and organized. One of the aspects I wanted to point out is that that they provided skilled assistants during the surgeries. I believe some other courses require the students to assist each other or have them bring their own.



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Thank you, Dr. Abdul Samadi, for opting for GIA E&E to elevate your dentistry skills. Your feedback is truly appreciated, and we're pleased that you felt included throughout the experience. We look forward to your potential participation in our upcoming courses!


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Thank you very much