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    30th IMPLANT LIVE SURGERY COURSE \ DECEMBER 1-3, 2023 We are delighted to announce the successful conclusion of our 30th Live Implant Surgery Course in Tijuana, Mexico. This particular course was unique, centering on Third Molar Tooth E..
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    29th IMPLANT LIVE SURGERY COURSE/ NOVEMBER 23-27, 2023 Dr. Young Sam Kim's 29th Implant Live Surgery Course, held in Tijuana, Mexico on November 23-27, 2023, has concluded successfully. This accomplishment is all thanks to the active participants of all attendees and the dedication of..
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    28th IMPLANT LIVE SURGERY COURSE / OCTOBER 26-30, 2023 We are once again excited to announce the successful conclusion of our 28th Implant Live Surgery Course in Tijuana, Mexico. This course, an annual favorite, offers hands-on experience with implants and third molar extractions. Led by the renowned Dr. Young S..
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    27th IMPLANT LIVE SURGERY COURSE / AUGUST 31-SEPTEMBER 4, 2023 The 27th Mexico Implant Live Surgery Course featured a diverse group of participants, including 10 from the USA, 1 from Canada, and 7 from Australia. Among the attendees, there were 10 Korean participants and 8 non-Koreans, making it a harmonious and closely-knit ..
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    26th IMPLANT LIVE SURGERY COURSE / AUGUST 25-29, 2023 We are thrilled to announce the successful conclusion of Dr. Young Sam Kim's 26th Live Surgery Course held in the vibrant city of Tijuana, Mexico. This edition of the course was part..
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    25th IMPLANT LIVE SURGERY COURSE / JUNE 29~ JULY 3, 2023 We are excited to announce the successful conclusion of our 25th Live Implant Surgery Course in Tijuana, Mexico. The course was attended by nine participants from Maine, accompanied by two faculty members who flew in from Korea. Throughout the course, Dr. Youngsam Kim, actively participated in each surgery, offering assistance in plan..
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    24th IMPLANT LIVE SURGERY COURSE / MAY 25-29, 2023 We are delighted to announce the resounding success of our 24th Live Implant Surgery held in Tijuana, Mexico onMay 25-29, 2023. This achievement would not have been possible without the exceptional contributions of Dr. Young Sam Kim, our dedicated staff members, and the enthusiastic participation of all attendees. Together, we w..
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    23rd IMPLANT LIVE SURGERY COURSE / APRIL 27~MAY 1, 2023 We are thrilled to announce the success of our 23rd Live Surgery Course held in Tijuana, Mexico. This achievement would not have been possible without the active participation of all the attendees and the hard work of our dedicated staff members. A highlight of this course was the introduction of Dr. Youngsam Kim's ESSE..
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    22nd IMPLANT LIVE SURGERY COURSE / MARCH 2-6, 2023 This footage is from the22nd Mexico Implant Live Surgery course withfellow Canadian dentists. During the course, average wise attendees were able toplace 14Implants, which can varydepending on the cases. Our course will help cliniciansput knowledge into practice to elevate sinuses andtheir cli..
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    21st IMPLANT LIVE SURGERY COURSE / FEBRUARY 9-13, 2023 Thank you so much for the successful 21st Mexico Implant Live Surgery. We had 12 participants for this course, three doctors from Australia, two from Canada, and seven from the US. As our academy grows, many non-Korean-speaking doctors are interested in taking our course. Thankfully, five non-Korean-speaking doctors have attended this course..
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    20th IMPLANT LIVE SURGERY COURSE / JANUARY 19-23, 2023 For the20th Mexico Implant Live Surgery, except for one participant, the rest were firstcomers. We had six doctors who placed their first implants through our course. Seeing doctors place their first Implant through our course is always amazing. Our mission is to encourage doctors inboth knowledge and hands-on surgical skills to..
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    19th IMPLANT LIVE SURGERY COURSE / NOVEMBER 24-28, 2022 This is footage is from the 19th Mexico Implant Live Surgery back in November 2022. This was another successful course with (14)new participants, (2) 2nd-time participants, and (5) inviters from previous participants. Many participants were satisfied by gaining more confidence in placing implants with Dr. Kim's famous ESSE techniques. This co..
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    18th IMPLANT LIVE SURGERY COURSE / SEPTEMBER 1-5, 2022 The 18th Implant Live Surgery course had 16 attendee doctors from Canada, Australia, and North America. During the course, we had a total of 115 patients who had190 cases of immediate and miniimplants and 14 multiple sinus lateral grafts & crestal lifts, FGG, and guided bone regeneration.We can't thank you enough for al..
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    17th IMPLANT LIVE SURGERY COURSE / AUGUST 11-15, 2022 This was our successful 17th Implant Live Surgery course back in August. Thank you so much for the awesome instructors andparticipants. We had (10) new participants and (6) second-time participants from different states and Australia.For this particular time, we had a very special guest, a very well-known YouTuberDr. ..
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    16th IMPLANT LIVE SURGERY COURSE / JUNE 2-6, 2022 GIIA had a successful 16th Implant Live Surgery course last June 2022. We hadnine new attendees, and sixwere 2nd-time participants who came back to join us once again. Many participants ask if they can re-take the course, and the answer is YES! Dr. Kim strongly recommendsthat participants take the course twice to ..
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