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Dr. Young Sam Kim's 29th Implant Live Surgery Course, held in Tijuana, Mexico on November 23-27, 2023,  has concluded successfully. This accomplishment is all thanks to the active participants of all attendees and the dedication of the faculty/staff members. For this particular course, we had three dentists joining us all the way from New Zealand.  The significant highlight of the course was the introduction of Dr. Young Sam Kim's ESSE (Easy Simple Safe Efficient) method, which has garnered remarkable and positive results. Guided by Dr. Kim, participants had the exclusive opportunity to learn and apply this approach directly in patient treatments. The combined hands-on experiences with engaging lectures, ensures an enriching and enjoyable learning environment. It is important to note that our program is inclusive and welcomes participants who are non-Korean speakers. Live translations are provided to eliminate any language barriers, ensuring full comprehension for all participants.  If you have doubts about the effectiveness of our program, we encourage you to read the testimonials of past participants. Their authentic feedback provides valuable insights into their experiences and can aid in making an informed decision. We look forward to meeting our next batch of talented dentists that are seeking to excel in their dental journey! 

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