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It has been a while since I graduated from dental school. I have not had much exposure to implants, and I wanted to be confident with my skill before placing implants. Although I had attended other implant courses, nothing gave me the confidence that I needed to start placing implants consistently. However, in 2020, I had the privilege of attending one of Dr. Kim’s lectures and it changed everything for me. I then wanted to try the live surgery course and get some hands-on training based on his teachings.

One of the core teachings that Dr. Kim stresses is that for implants to be successful, you must master the basics. While this may sound daunting, he shows a simple approach to learning those basics. It wasn’t a bunch of fancy techniques that were difficult to learn. These principles that he bases his teachings are why I loved taking his courses because I have always believed in the importance of basics.

When I was finally able to attend the live surgery, Dr. Kim and his faculty members were very helpful with teaching how implants can be placed successfully. They were always available to answer my questions, observe as I was placing implants, and attentive to every detail to aid in maximum learning. I was even able to learn in other areas that I had already felt confident in, like suturing. Each patient was a great opportunity to learn, both in and out of the op. Each morning, we reviewed the cases of the previous day and Dr. Kim would explain each case. This allowed us to review and learn from cases that had been completed by the other dentists attending the course.

This course was unlike any other course I had taken before. Along with the learning opportunity, each day was followed with relaxation and good food. We were given the opportunity to get to know other dentists from around the world. It was the first course that I was hoping would last longer and I was not ready to leave. Now that I am home and I have been able to get the things needed to start treating my patients with confidence, I am now ready and excited to start placing implants. I feel relieved knowing that I am treating my patients with the best care possible. Thank you, Dr. Kim, and the team for making this course memorable! I am looking forward to my next opportunity to attend the live surgery, so I can continue navigating through more challenging cases.



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