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Absolutely amazing to jumpstart your implant career! 

I've taken some other lectures and hands-on courses in the past, but the actual clinical experiene with live patients was where the biggest impact was made.   

Dr. Youngsam Kim is a fun, yet very informative lecturer and a respected practitioner who will give you a complete understading of implant surgery and teach you the most simple, effective way to place implants. And I believe that his easy, simple, and minimally invasive technique is more useful for the beginners to integragte implant surgery into the real life practice, rather than exploring many different, complicated techniques and surgeries. 

Faculties are very nice and friendly and you will get tons of help and advice from them through over-the-shoulder instruction.   

I would highly recommend the course not only to beginners but also to all skill levels who want to gain more confidence with implant placement.

Thank you Dr. Kim and staffs for providing enormous amount of value to my career and I look forward to seeing you again in the near future! 


Inae Hyun




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Thank you Dr. Hyun ^^