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작성자 Min Kyung Cho Comment 1 hits 3,552hits 작성일 2022-02-17 11:12


This was a great course as a beginner to get comfortable with implant surgery. 

Dr. Kim's emphasis on keeping the cases simple, minimizing invasive procedures & patient discomfort allowed less experienced implant dentists such as myself to be at ease and able to comprehend the concept of implant dentistry. 

I had taken another comprehensive implant course which cost $20000 and it was not as helpful as they talked about too many different techniques/surgeries with difficult surgeries that are irrelevant to GPs. By comparison, what you learn from Dr. Kim's course is very concise, easy to understand and much more useful for GPs. I would highly recommend other dentists to take Dr. Kim's course. 

Experienced dentists can find the hands on course useful too if there are specific procedures they are interested in as there was a wide range of cases (immediate anterior implant, lateral sinus augmentation, soft tissue grafts, etc.). 

Overall, it is a great course to learn, interact with peers and to have fun.




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Thank you Dr. Cho ^^