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2022 January 12th Implant Live Surgery Experience

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As a 2021 graduate from NYU dental school, I was never taught to perform implant surgeries and not well equipped enough to confidently complete implant restorations.  I always felt distanced from surgeries and lacked confidence in myself to handle implant cases. Due to lack of knowledge and experience, I typically found myself referring patients out to specialists and not being able to determine if an implant has been placed correctly radiogrpahically or clinically. Every specialist or GPs would say different things about implant placement, and I did not have a clear cut guideline on ideal implant placement and restoration. However, after attending the course, I gained an immense boost in confidence to perform implant surgeries. I placed 10 implants under direct supervision from faculties including single and multiple implant placement, immediate implants, sinus lifts, and wisdom teeth extractions. The most valuable aspect of the live implant course was that now I am now not afraid to tackle implant surgeries and recognize what implants were placed correctly and what was not.  Again, I am a recent graduate. I know the limitations of my skillset. I know that implant surgeries are hard and require many years of experience to execute to standard of care. After my experience in the Live surgery course, I am now confident in myself to start my surgical implant journey, starting with easy and simple cases. 



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