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12th Implant Live Surgery Course - 2022 January

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Dr. Youngsam Kim's Live Surgery Course in Mexico has been established quite well already after having a successful launch few years ago. For that reason, it's gained a lot of recognitions and popularity especially among younger generation dentists, and even for the veterans who have tons of implant experiences.


The course is relatively straightforward due to Dr. Youngsam Kim's ESSE (Easy, Simple, Safe, Efficient) approach that makes even a novice fully understand and grasp the idea of implantology without a sweat. Although I won't be saying it's a walk in the park because implantology is essentially one of most advanced stage levels in oral surgery, and where Dr. Youngsam Kim's teaching shines is that he makes you understand his foundation in most approachable way. Sooner or later, you'll find out that his teaching truly is implementable in your own clinic's setting <-- This is so crucial, because you may have had experiences of taking so many dental lectures and seminars, yet when you honestly count the ones that you have implemented in your own practice, it may just be few.


In that sense, I believe Dr. Youngsam Kim's surgery course really boosts one's confidence, but also expands critical thinking and of all else, gets you started on the journey of implants.


Another common misconception about learning implants outside of North America is that one may do so many osteotomies, yet the quality of work is poor. Dr. Youngsam Kim's seminar is different in which he doesn't focus on the quantity of implant placement, but observes more closely on the angulation, depth, location more than anything else. Ultimately, he stresses the importance of prosthetically-driven implant surgery as implant restoration is one of most crucial aspects in obtaining the successsful longevity.


Outside of surgery, his seminar is truly intensive in most rewarding way, but also very cozy as the accommodation and food are just 5-stars. I was very surprised about the quality of shelter that were offered to the attendees, and for that reason I was able to relieve my clinical training stresses over the night and was ready in the morning for more action.


Dr. Youngsam Kim mentioned that most attendees come at least twice, and after attending this 2022 January one, I fully understand what the deal was.


Will I go again? Absolutely, it's clearly a no-brainer.


For the non-Korean dentists, do not be afraid as we also had couple of non-Korean speaking attendees who had marvelous experiences. As for most part, live translation is available and all the presentations are done in English, which Dr. Youngsam Kim stresses a lot.


If you're serious about learning implants but don't know where to start, come join the group whenever you're free and also check out on Dr. Youngsam Kim's lecture series as they really help out a lot.


I actually took all his theoretical seminars before going to the Live Surgery that drastically helped out a lot. Needless to say, whether you take those lectures or not, this live surgery experience is not something you should just pass on.


Hopefully my testimonial somewhat helps out to those still deciding whether to go or not.



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