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작성자 Andrew Kang Comment 1 hits 2,922hits 작성일 2021-11-06 09:22


I highly recommend Dr. Kim’s Mexico live surgery course to everyone who’s interested in placing implant properly as well as learning correct way of bone grafting and performing extractions including third molars.


All instructors are highly skilled, extremely knowledgeable so you have a lot to learn from them. You will have great lectures from these instructors and have fun time practicing useful techniques for surgeries during the pre-course on the day of arrival so don’t miss it.


You will learn Dr. Kim’s technique of mastering implant placement and get opportunity to learn lots of great tips from other instructors during the course and while you are performing actual surgeries.  


Review sessions in the morning help all of us to learn from each other what mistakes we have made and ways to correct them.


Plus, you will enjoy these authentic delicious Mexican foods for every meal during the course. You can’t have these elsewhere, only in Mexico. Don’t drink too much of tequila with dinner! :)



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Thank you ^^